Patrik Antonius Poker Strategy

Patrik Antonius, “Brad Pitt” of the poker world. Proficient tennis player and mentor turned model turned proficient poker player. He’s a man of not many words yet he sure knows how to play some extraordinary poker and he’s viewed as one of the untouched greats by most poker lover. Simultaneously, not that much is had some significant awareness of his way to deal with poker.

Patrik seldom discusses his poker technique and to sort out what fixed things such that effective we will investigate a few intriguing hands from Antonius’ profession.

Cool, Completely relaxed
The main thing that strikes a chord when we discuss Patrik Antonius is his telling table presence. While it’s not difficult to hear him visiting or in any event, kidding – particularly in the organization of good high stakes poker companions – more often than not Antonius hushes up, threatening and practically disconnected.

While there’s no unpleasantness to his disposition it’s not hard to envision that the manner in which he handles himself at a poker table joined with his distinction and astonishing outcomes permitted him to see a few free cards and cause a few mix-ups that different players wouldn’t appreciate. With regards to a live game, the ice-man persona can be a genuine resource and significantly supplement to quality wagering designs.

In conclusion, Patrik seldom shows outrage and stays gathered even despite terrible beats that would make lesser players slant.

Medium Strength Hands – The Way to Long haul Benefit
While we as a whole will generally become amped up for the greatest pots in poker history where players normally wind up contrasting the top bits of their reach, medium and little pots are the genuine success rate manufacturers. It isn’t so difficult to play poker when you flop the merchandise, yet it’s a lot harder to guarantee that you’re not adding such a large number of hands to the lower part of your reach in specific spots (which is essentially the most obviously terrible thing you can do in poker from a game hypothesis point of view).

In this specific hand against Tony G, Patrik tells the very best way to play a medium strength hand. He skirts a slight worth bet – which would place him in numerous off-kilter spots by the stream – rather going for a check/call guaranteeing that the rival’s reach stays sensibly air-weighty. Turn call is considerably more troublesome yet since it doesn’t check out for Tony G to wager TX combos on the lemon (other than ATs) Patrik tries not to add KQ to the lower part of his reach and settles on an excellent decision.

Safeguarding the Venture
Antonius is one of the players who like to utilize the ride, yet dissimilar to numerous other live masters, he’s entirely mindful of the powerful that ride makes. In this specific hand, Patrik accurately acclimates to the way that a lot of dead cash joined with an ideal run out for a triple barrel makes Phil Laak substantially more prone to feign than in comparative spots unaffected by the ride repairman.

The call is much more noteworthy given the way that the hand was 3-way on the failure which in principle ought to deter Laak from taking action, however Antonius was entirely mindful that with regards to a live game where players seldom get the valuable chance to make a major play a pot that is expanded by the ride is an ideal event for a feign that couple of players can stand up to.

Once more, Patrik tries not to add such a large number of hands to the lower part of his reach by calling with a hand that a few different players would deliver on the turn and the manner in which he handles himself through this juggernaut of a poker hand just adds to his cool disposition that we referenced previously.

Rebuffing Vigorously Lopsided Plays
In this little diamond of a hand Patrik by and by tries not to add such a large number of hands to the lower part of his reach in the spot that numerous different players would perceive as a minor crease. Antonious has sufficient discipline not to make an irregular cut on the failure and turn with a negligible standoff esteem hand against different rivals.

When the waterway hits and Patrik faces an oddly estimated bet, rather than rapidly delivering a negligible hand he sorts out that meager worth wagers are essentially unimaginable because of the measuring, customary worth wagers like Hatchet or even Kx would show hostility on one of the past roads, there are no potential draws and subsequently the main hand that seems OK for esteem is an improbable sets of sixes. Expecting reprobate is equipped for a feign in this spot his reach must be vigorously lopsided towards air and subsequently an exceptionally flimsy legend call with Q-high turns into a right play in this uncommon spot.

Omaha – The Greatest Game around
Finally, when we discuss the system and outcome of Patrik Antonius unimaginable also the game permitted him to bring in bounteous measures of cash at the internet based tables and take part in a considerable lot of the greatest pots at any point played (keeping steady over those as a rule).

While this notable hand against Isildur1 essentially reduced to delivery the failure with second nuts in addition to indirect access redraw, what’s more significant is the way that Patrik offered himself the chance to partake in such a great hand with his daring yet exceptionally keen game choice. In spite of the methodology that made Isildur1 high stakes story a fleeting sensation Antonius wasn’t aimlessly seating every other player under the sun and played against different greats of the game just when it seemed OK from the EV outlook.






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